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We provide integrated management services.

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Who We Are

Logistics most simply put, means have the “right thing, at the right place, at the right time”. We don’t believe that. At 3OVO, we believe in doing things the best way, with the most efficiency and lowest cost possible. We consider our clients, valued partners and we provide value added services, designed to help companies like you, scale to grow. We are true Omni-Channel expertise and offer expertise in fulfillment to all marketplace e-commerce sellers (B2C), to distributors and retailers (B2B) within one unique single platform.

We strive to be not only your partners in logistics, but your partners in business. Our seasoned executives have decades of experience in Beauty & Personal care and understand the CPG industry across all functions including; sales, marketing, PR, product development and supply chain.

What We Do

We service every vertical in supply chain including B2C and B2B for full end to end service.

  • Specialty/Department Stores
  • Food/Drug/Mass/Club
  • Natural Channel
  • All E-commerce outlets
  • Independent stores

Domestic & International operations

Why We Do It Better

  • Order accuracy 99.7% for any reason including customer error and on time delivery of 99.95%.
  • Capacity to fill 50000+ drop ship orders and 750,000+ bulk ship orders daily.
  • Global fulfillment to over 75 countries
  • Customized solutions for each client
  • Leverage the best technology
  • Superior Customer Service

Financing Made Easy

Sophisticated operations that maximize fulfillment, On Time Delivery and Order fill rate.  We have the unique ability to fill orders of 1 to bulk containers with the same precision and accuracy.

Utilizing cutting edge technology, we are one of the few warehouses to achieve the highest standard in fulfillment by being Amazon Prime enabled.

We are not just your partners in logistics, we are your partners in business. We understand the unique needs of a growing company and cater to start up’s to high growth mid size companies.



We have the unique ability to integrate with any system and fill orders to virtually any retailer.


We process e-commerce orders in less than 6hrs! We are one of the few 3PL companies that are Amazon Prime approved.


Non-EDI retailers can have complex routing and shipping rules. They often prefer to order in eaches or inners, not full cases.

Core capabilities


Our operations can fill a 1 item order to a bulk order with the same precision and speed.


We offer international fullfillment services, Global fulfillment to over 75 countries.


Configuration at the level of distribution concerns the problem of location.


Kitting + Assembly

Will stock both completed gift sets and kits as well as components. Specialized staff to build custom kits.

White Glove

For high value premium products, we have specially trained staff, and separate storing area.

Returns Management

Returned goods management. Effectively inspect, sort and dispose all based on client preferences.


Included over labeling, re-work, cello and shrink wrap, security tagging, and more.

Customer Service

24 hr call center available with team of trained associates.

Special Projects

From sampling initiatives, to marketing and creative, stability testing, shippers, we service anything our clients need.